Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring Street Style Trends! - Bold Pieces

Bring out the bold! Now that spring is here, young fashionistas everywhere are beginning to debut some of spring’s most talked about- and worn, trends of the season.
Bright, bold ‘look-at-me’ colors are the way to go this season. A classy eye-catching piece or two does any ensemble that you wear major justice as it is chic and sweet.
Paris Fashion Week was certainly an event that was widely talked about, with some shows displaying some of the latest, bold pieces to make their debuts in high fashion.
Today’s look inspiration is taken from a very elegantly dressed fashion-show goer outside one of the shows for Paris Fashion Week.

Here, she is wearing a very chic, tailored, long, red blazer with a black, suede turtleneck underneath and a matching, red, cotton body-con skirt and black, sheer leggings underneath. This look is very mature and feminine. The red color boasts feminism and individuality, while the black balances it out in a sophisticated manner.
When re-creating a look like this one, it is not always necessary to make your chosen bold piece match another item in your ensemble. Rather, when matching a bold piece, pick a complementary color such as black or white (these colors look great with any statement piece) as a second option for say your top or bottoms. If you do chose to wear the same color on two items of clothing, make sure your second item (most likely the lesser item) is in a different shade as the other item as to not over power it and make your outfit too overbearing.
Here is my take on this sophisticated look and a rendering of this high fashion look for inspiration.

Red blazer: Stella McCartney Iris Tuxedo Jacket
Jeans: Rag & Bone The Grand Prix Motocross Jeans
Heels: SAINT LAURENT 'Tribtoo' pump
Tote: MARC BY MARC JACOBS Too Hot To Handle Tote

Here we turned up the sophistication volume on our ensemble for a classy, femme fatal look. You are pairing this outfit with a white jean and heel as white complements red impeccably. You are also still retaining the red in your outfit by transferring it onto your bag, however in a different shade of red for a complementary color balance scheme.
Rock these bold, statement colors for a show-stopping, high fashion look.

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