Wednesday, 29 July 2015

5th Annual Intern Queen Party In NYC

The highly-anticipated annual Intern Queen Party hosted by Intern Queen, Lauren Berger took place at 404 Event Space on July 27th.

The event has been held every year by Lauren Berger, since 2011, in an effort to provide the opportunity to interns, or intern hopefuls to gain more resources in order to become successful in their intern ventures. Her website, serves as a platform for students to access and apply to internships provided with added advice and content on how to be successful in high school, college and post-grad experiences.

The event drew a large crowd of driven and passionate individuals who intern for a vast array of companies from Women's Health to Marie Claire. This year's rockstar panel consisted of internship coordinators and executives from Macys, Dell, Buzzfeed, NBC Universal, Glamour Gals, AMP3 PR, Digitas, Sirius XM Radio that provided the interns and potential interns with sound advice that they would need to move forward in their careers.

The evening was eventful and inspiring, without a doubt. Be sure to stop by next year for a night that you will never forget! Special thanks to host, Lauren Berger and 404 Event Space.

Check out pictures from the event below! 

Host and "Intern Queen", Lauren Berger.
Blogger Larissa May of "Livin Like Larz" (pictured left).
Youtuber Lanie of "Life Of Lanie".

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rustic Nautical.

Yellow House, Blue Window.

The quaint and vibrant Gorée Island is home not only to a triumphant history and culture, but also bears numerous picturesque locations (some secluded, some communal). Today's snapshot was inspired by one of those very hidden treasures in the form of a rustic yellow house.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gorée Island

Gorée Island.

Far off in the harbor of Dakar, Senegal's capital city, lies "Île de Gorée" (as known in French), or "Gorée Island", a blissful oasis set on the island of the country's best in abundant beaches, prosperous culture and rich history.

The island's chronicled past was once a port hub to the colonial, Atlantic slave trade that took place during the 17th century. Roaming the island's narrow streets and visiting the infamous "House of Slaves" (which has archived visits from multiple world leaders, respectively), one incurs an impactful experience of the strong, and often painful, history the island once obtained and, now, celebrates the powerful emancipation and breakthrough belonging to the people of Senegal. The island itself boasts an alluring charm that attracts hundreds of tourists to it everyday. This melody of charm consists of vibrant-colored, historical buildings, comforting beaches, decadent restaurants and numerous cultural destinations. 

A trip to Dakar is not complete without a visit to Gorée Island, check out shots of the sublime island below!

"House of Slaves"

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Palace Royale.

A Royal Breeze.

The location for today's look of the day was taken at the King Fahd Palace in Dakar. The King Fahd Palace is Dakar's crown jewel in luxury hotels (among many others), notably for the elite guests that stay at this venue ranging from presidents, musicians and celebrities alike. A regal hotel such as this one most surely boasts an equally breath-taking landscape, with the ocean stretching out among its sprawled out, lush green gardens. I kept my look today all black, with a structured crop top (MANGO), denims (LEVI'S), in order to highlight my chrome silver heels (Topshop) and color-blocking bag (MP). Check it out below for outfit inspiration!
-Taken at King Fahd Palace in Dakar.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

White Wooden Classics.

Miami Vice.

This abandoned white house on a hill was the setting for my "Miami Vice" inspired look. When putting together a classic Summer look, navy and whites always pair well. Draw outfit inspiration from this look of the day by pairing a white crop (New Look) with a mid-length cotton skirt (American Apparel), gold matching earrings and sandals and a blue-white color block purse to tie your look together in a simplistic, yet chic way.
-Taken in the Ngor region of Dakar.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave. (Surfs Up).

Today's outfit of the day comes to your courtesy of this dainty surf shop/restaurant along Dakar's ocean coastline. Draw outfit inspiration with this graphic T-shirt dress (Urban Outfitters) and matching monochromatic black and white flat tops.
-Taken in the Plateau region of Dakar

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Dakar Street Style: Garden White.

Garden White.

Summer whites are always a classic look. Spotted this Dakar fashionista in Les Almadies.
-Taken in the Les Almadies region of Dakar.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

La Fleur.

La Fleur. (the-flower).

Today's floral look of the day was inspired, coincidentally, by this flower bush on the side of the ocean road in Les Almadies. The hot summer sun can be forceful, at times, so draw outfit inspiration from this look by keeping it casual with a flowy skater dress and flat top sneakers.
-Taken in the Les Almadies region of Dakar.