Friday, 8 March 2013

Beauty Secrets: Face Moisturizer

With the seasons changing, face moisturizer is becoming a crucial beauty asset  to our faces.
Recently, I came upon a beauty revelation that was made apparent to me via a beauty blog that I was reading.

When most of us think of applying our trusty, everyday facial moisturizer, the normal route to take would be to pump a decent amount into our hands, rubbing them together, then rubbing them all over our face and neck. Right?.. Wrong!

See, by rubbing in the moisturizer into our faces, this causes friction in our skin which can lead to damage and eventually wrinkles. Instead, pump some into your palm, rub your hands together gently and then press the moisturizer gently into your skin in an almost patting-like manner.

By adding this simple and easy switch in beauty routine, you will be creating long-term positive effects to your skin which can result in glowing, more even skin and skin tone.

I have recently tried this method out and have definitely seen a switch in the uniform of my face.

Stay tuned for more beauty secrets!

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