Monday, 11 March 2013

The Run-Down on The Wedged Bootie

Finally! A post on wedged booties! (pauses for applause)..

Wedged booties have practically become a fashion staple that is suitable for just about any season. These stylish shoes come in an array of fabrics; from cotton, to suede, to leather and can be rocked with great little intricacies such as studs or fringe. Wedged booties are not only stylish but they add height and show off your legs in an amazing long, lean way. Read on for more fashion inspiration and see which shoe is just right for you.

Also, I am sure you are all aware with the fact that I am practically obsessed with wedged booties ( I include them in almost every post), so I want to give a more detailed inside look on these shoes.

The Leather Wedged Bootie

This more classy version is great 
for a more put-together, 
formal outfit. Pair this shoe with 
dark blue jeans and a 
sheer, white top for a feminine, 
mature look.

The Suede Wedged Bootie

This version is more easy-going. Its smooth texture adds a nice, clean touch.                                    
Pair this shoe with light wash denim skinnies
and a black or dark grey fleece top or sweater 
for a chic ensemble.

The Studded Wedged Bootie

This more edgy version is perfect for our 
rocker chick-rebel fashionista. If you are 
looking to make a bold statement with 
these babies, pair them with regular denims 
and a grey blazer for a feminine touch to your outfit.

The Fringe Wedged Bootie

This version is perfectly boho-chic as 
the earthy tones and fringelets totally scream 
mother nature. As the shoe itself is already 
laid-back and chic on its own, so should the 
rest of your outfit be. Pair these shoes with 
dark blue denims and a simple graphic or 
floral top (try not to overdo it with this one). 
A fringe wedged bootie also looks great with 
a matching fringe cross-body purse, as long 
as you keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as me! Let me know which bootie is your absolute fav and which of these are in your closet.

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