Friday, 31 August 2012

You Should Look Glamorous Everyday! (Top 10 Beauty Essentials)

A girl's gotta look flawless. Right?

And flawless you shall look once you get a hold of these Top 10 beauty essentials.
For whether you're getting made up for an event out, or seeking to look grand on the go, I present to you, your beauty implements..

#10 Powder; For those of you who find putting foundation on too oily or heavy for your skin, powder is the ideal substitute. Powder is a beauty must-have for all seasons as, unlike foundation, powder is less oily and gives you more of a 'matte', finished overall look. Tip: You will want to use a powder puff applicator or a wide bristle makeup brush when applying powder to your face for even application.

#9 Brow brush & pencil; Having well groomed eyebrows pulls together your makeup and your face all together. A brow brush and pencil applicator allows your eyebrows to neatly stand out. Tip: Apply by brushing from the inner to outer corner of the brow with short, light strokes. Then, with the pencil, Lightly fill in any eyebrow spaces by working from the inner to outer corner.

#8 Colored eyeliner; Out with simple, black eyeliner and in with the colors! Colored eyeliner is such a must-try trend for all seasons because it draws a very flattering focus to your eyes and gives them that 'wide-awake', bright-eyed look.
Tip: Colors for..brown eyes: shades of green (like turquoise), blue, gold, and copper. blue eyes: orangey, rose, bronze plum and lavender shades. green eyes: blue, purple and burgundy. hazel eyes: Golds, purples, apricot, dark greens and coppery bronzes.

#7 Bronzer; The list is endless when it comes to bronzer! I am here to dispel two common myths about bronzer; 1. Is bronzer only necessary for fairer skin tones? Not at all. In addition to warming up lighter complexions, bronzer can also even out skin tone and add a luminous, sun-kissed glow for any warmer complexion(Be it olive,tan,caramel or coca). Add a deep, shimmery (not glittery) copper hue for darker skin tones and concentrate on the areas where the sun naturally hits your face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, and forehead). 2. Does bronzer just go on your cheeks and forehead? No! bronzer looks great swept across your collar bones, making them more defined and visible. Also, bronzer has a great affect during the summer time when swept along your legs and inner thighs for a seemingly, slimming affect.

#6 Jojoba Oil;  You will want to keep a small container of this 'magic' oil with you in your handbag at all times. What makes jojoba oil so great and beneficial is that it works wonders on all hair types restoring the natural texture, glow and luster of your hair in a natural and healthy way whilst giving it long-lasting sheen. Rub a few drops into your palms, rub your hands together and smooth the jojoba oil over dry hair to keep frizzing down and to add shine for dry, brittle and frizzy ends. Tip: This product is excellent for using on flyways in tied-up hairstyles as well.

#5 Nude-colored eyeshadow; What a nude-colored eyeshadow does ,that a bright or dark-colored eye shadow does not, is that it adds a warm, inviting natural gleam to your eyes without having to be too lucid and luminous. Tip; Choose a “nude” shade that is one shade lighter than your natural color of your eye lids to make you look awake and take a flat-tipped eyeshadow brush and run the shade right under your eyebrow, down to the crease. Then sweep the shade from lash line to crease for an absolute application.

 #4 Lip tint; This is like a lipstick and a lip balm all in one. What's not to love? Its beneficial to have this lip accessory carried around with you as it adds color to your lips, often without much gloss or shine included. When choosing a lip stain, try not to go too avant garde with vivid colors as you want the stain to look natural and pretty on your lips. Tip: Psssst...lip tint doubles as a cheek tint too! It gives your cheeks a very lovely 'flushed' look.

#3 Blush; Blush is used to simulate a natural glow and must look subtle.The remarkable thing about blush is that it looks absolutely magnificent on all skin complexions, guaranteed! Tip: If you find you have warm under tones try using yellow based colored blushes such as peach and terracotta.This will giving you natural looking rosy cheeks. For fairer skin tones,try baby pinks. If you want to warm up your skin tone try a terracotta blush to give you a nice glow too.Its good to remember to use an angled brush when applying blush, as it allows you to cast perfect contouring and application to your cheeks.

#2 Mascara; Ahhh yes, finally, mascara! Mascara is used for 5 reasons, (which is why it is #2 on our list...great isn't it?), It is used for thickening, lengthening, curling, coloring and adding definition to the eyelashes. For vast application on the upper lashes sweep your brush side to side while sweeping up to get a nice even application on the lashes. For the lower lashes hold the brush vertically and then sweep it back. This form of application gives your eyes a bright, wider-eyed look. Tip: When choosing the perfect mascara for yourself, make sure you keep these 5 properties in mind; color, type, brush, formulations and price. Make sure that you agree with each of the criteria and be sure that the mascara is absolutely right for you, before making your purchase.

#1 Water; The most essential essential of them all. Water keeps you hydrated during the day and keeps your skin naturally glowing for longer. You'll want to keep a bag-sized water bottle in your bag with you at all times throughout the day. Water is the best beauty enhancer of them all. Besides, nobody wants to dry up like a prune.
Eco-Friendly Tip: Re-use your water bottle throughout the day by filling it up by water fountains or near any drinkable water source to avoid wasting plastic.

Now, take your tools and all that you've learned, and go out there and rock it out!
Your welcome..

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Get Back-To-School Savvy!

 Now that we have all waved our goodbyes to Summer and said 'adios!' to the very notion of late nights, The time has come to start thinking about how we're going to survive the upcoming school year. (clothes wise!)

What with endless possibilities of outfits and school accessories to choose from, it can be easy to get a little bewildered. But look no further!
I will be posting a series of ALL essential back-to-school know-its and have-its so you may rock your year in vogue!

We'll start with some back-to-school basics.

A casual blazer; Preferably a neutral colored blazer, this works great for a polished, put together school look . Tip: In any season, looks great paired with either pastel or brighter colored clothes underneath.

Skinny jeans; You'll want to look for a light-wash skinny jean especially, because

light wash denim  looks particularly flattering on all body shapes, compared to dark wash denim with tends to 'dim' out your leg shape and hide your figure. 

Tip: Instead of pairing your skinnies with the usual boring flats, switch it up with a wedged bootie instead (giving your look a more edgy feel) Such as these ones >

Tribal/Floral skirt; You have two available options to choose from; Body con or pleated. These are the new flirty alternative to your day-to-day jeans. Tip: Pair any of these with a very basic v-neck tee tucked into the skirt or pair it with a neutral-colored fleece top for a girly, yet edgy vibe.

Denim/Detailed backpack; Denim isn't just for your jeans anymore! What I like about this trend is that its taking our common idea of the usual, drab unattractive backpack that you wish to hide, to something you cant wait to make a statement with! Tip:You can add your own little, personal touch to your backpack by stitching in some fancy lettering, images or stamps of interesting items in areas such as the pockets of your backpack.

Printed scarves; You can go wild with the array of different designs to choose from when it comes to scarves! Tip: No matter what the design may be (geometric, floral, graphic), printed scarves pair especially great with a black, white or grey tee, as this makes a much bolder statement.Than when paired with a matching, detailed top, for example.

Pastel/Gold/Silver Oxford shoes; Oxford shoes are a school-wardrobe essential because of the very collegiate-style look that it sports. These preppy shoes not only look smart, but they are super comfortable and easy to slip on too. Tip: For the 'shimmery' alternative, pair these with a dark wash denim skinny jean so that your 
shoes will be the main focus of your outfit.

Try these back-to-school  ideas to amp up and add a little "jene sais qoi" feel to your school wardrobe this year!

Welcome to CCC !

Hey CCC bloggers! (As you are now all officially known)

My name is Ndey,

I am 15 and currently living in Paris, France.

Having traveled the world, I started this blog because it is my own personal way of sharing all of my cultural knowledge that I have acquired in Fashion, Beauty, Food and Music in a story-book-esque way that is blogging!

I chose the name Chocolate Cashmere Closet because of its quirky and uniqueness. The blog has really nothing to do with chocolate, cashmere nor closets. But the 'closet' aspect resonated because it represents the 'collection' of matter that I will be displaying on the blog kind of like a closet does. Just like 'cashmere' relates to fashion and 'chocolate' to food and indulgence. So because of the uniqueness of the name, it allows me to blog about such an array of different things.

The main focus is FASHION, and all of its aspects, but I’ll also be blogging about trends, art, street style, music, global designers, beauty tips, product hauls and etc. including my personal style journals as well.

Stay tuned for more posts that are sure to tickle your creative membranes and check back often because besides… Doesn’t the story of a teen fashionista blogger living in Paris sound a little thrilling and inquisitive to you? It sure does to me!

From this heart, to yours…xxx