Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Denim Report: Acid Wash Jeans

This edgy yet cool style of denim has become more and more popular. They rock a kind-of 80’s vibe which gives off an effortlessly cool vintage vibe. From baggy, to high-waist, to skinny, these chic jeans can be sported in an array of different ways. Read on to discover more style inspiration on how to pair these cutting edge jeans.

Acid wash jeans are very retro and edgy. Because the jeans are so cool on their, own, the rest of your outfit should be kept neutral for an all together classy look.
I've put together the ultimate look for the basic acid wash jean that you can hopefully get inspiration for your your next outfit.

Here, I paired the jeans with a long, white sheer blouse as it adds feminism and classiness to the outfit paired with Chanel black and gold flats for glamor, a gold bracelet, chandelier earrings and a gorgeous cream handbag to tie it all together. This type of look is great for the working fashionista or the fahsionista-on-the-go.

Here is a picture of Miley Cyrus rocking her pair of acid wash jeans with a long, white tank and black oxford shoes. Very cute!

Let me know how you would pair your acid wash jeans!

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