Friday, 28 September 2012

MFQ (Morning Fashion Quote): Diana Vreeland

Need a style pick-me-up?—especially when an all out shopping spree isn’t on the menu. Write down this quote, tape it to your closet door and it’ll pretty much guarantee a good day. 

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it."


Diana Vreeland (Noted French fashion columnist and editor)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Designer Spotlight: Thuy Duong Nguyen

On this blog, apart from featuring well-known fashion designers, I find it important to also feature some of the more up-and-coming, underground designers who are creating their own trademark in the fashion world too.

Today's designer hails all the way from Vietnam. Thuy Duong Nguyen ,who moved to Germany at an early age, has been influenced by two strong cultural forces. Her designs effortlessly unite Western style with the charm and intricacy of the Far East, creating pieces that align with the spirit of the young generation. Handcrafted Vietnamese embroideries feature in innovative fabric contrasts, creating pieces that exude confident femininity and lightness of being. In exploring the affinities between traditional rural textiles and contemporary cuts, THU THU constructs a new urban aesthetic that contains echoes of distant places and older times. 

Many of her designs have been sported by the vast majorities of Hollywood's elite, from actors to singers and models.

Check out some of her artistic and intricate designs below for some fashion admiration and inspiration.


For more info on Thuy Duong Nguyen, or if you too would like to rock more of these original looks, visit

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Inside New York Fashion Week: Digital Prints & Florals

Now that New York Fashion Week is in full swing, the time has come to dive deep into one of the years most exclusive fashion event and get all the know-its that this occasion has to offer.

The discussion trend is: Digital Prints and Florals.

These very intricate and elaborate design have had a prominent appeal New York Fashion Week this month. Seeming to have gained popularity amongst designers such as Custo Barcelona, Mara Hoffman, Richard Chai and Rebecca Minkoff, to name a few, these designs have proven themselves to be a trend on the lookout.

If you are the average person who would like to be able to rock these styles in trend to, here are some ways you can sport;

Digital Prints: For a catwalk-inspired but equally wearable look, tuck your digital print shirt into a new-season leather skirt. The perfect pairing for digital prints, it’ll add attitude and texture to your look whilst weighing out your tailored top-half. Then pair it with hiker boots and a low-slung satchel bag for a finishing touch.

Floral Prints: To complete this girly look with your floral piece, pair it with solid colors. Tip: If you are a petite girl, I try to make sure I don't get lost in bold print floral. For the perfect flower-power outfit, a floral print trouser pant paired with neutral wedges and a bold color top tie the whole outfit together. 

Take a look at these trends at work on the runway for more style inspiration.

Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona
Custo Barcelona

 Rebecca Minkoff

 Rebecca Minkoff

Tracy Reece

Tracy Reece

 Tracy Reece

Richard Chai

Tracy Reece

 Tracy Reece

Tracy Reece
Tracy Reece
Photos courtesy of Fashion TV
Stay tuned for more New York Fashion Week trends!

Monday, 10 September 2012

DIY Fashion Craft: Braided Hairband

I came across this really quirky idea for a DIY Fashion Craft ,while scrolling through iVillage, for a girly headband.

What you'll need:
A hair elastic
About 11 inches of leather (depending on you)
About 11 inches of rope (depending on you)
About 11 inches of ball chain

Tip: For each section of different rope, preferably choose different colors for each one for them to complement each other well.

Check it out below. Its fun, easy and super quick to make!

What makes this idea so elegant and posh is that once you make the hairband, it can be easily mistaken for a professionally done headband, which is great, because its not.

Now go out and rock this headband, which is oh-so perfect worn singly or in pairs for school, at the office or for those cheeky after hour drinks.

I'll be posting my version of this very soon, so stay tuned!

MFQ (Morning Fashion Quote): Audrey Hepburn

Need a style pick-me-up?—especially when an all out shopping spree isn’t on the menu. Write down this quote, tape it to your closet door and it’ll pretty much guarantee a good day.

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years."


 — Audrey Hepburn (British film and fashion icon)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

I ♥ This Magazine! (This Month's Magazine Choice): TEEN VOGUE

Every month I'll post different 'This Month's Magazine Choice' choices.

Here's whats in store in TEEN VOGUE Magazine this month. And why you should go pick up your own copy now!

Gracing the cover of TEEN VOGUE Magazine this month is the ever so charming, Selena Gomez. Check her out below!

On the cover; Selena is rocking a front, knot-tied denim jacket with a floral bandeau top underneath it. Along with a gold, hoop pendant necklace and a brass-stringed bracelet as accessories.

Here’s what the 20-year-old singer had to share with the mag: 

On her time filming, Wizards Of Waverly Place— She's similarly determined to take pleasure in the transitional phase that her career has recently entered—in May, Selena filmed the final episodes of her Disney Channel hit. (The last season of Wizards will likely begin airing in the fall.) She was only thirteen when she shot the show's pilot, so she says that leaving her character, costars, and crew behind is decidedly "bittersweet," even as she looks forward to the opportunity to pursue more big-screen work. "I'm in a very crucial spot," she notes. "It's like starting over. I was trying to explain it to one of my friends, and he said, 'You'll be fine. People believe in you.' But when they're putting together a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, I don't think they're going to go, 'Selena Gomez would be great for this!' I'm not an option. It's humbling, having to go from this Disney high back down to having to fight for roles."

On her song, 'Who Says' (the sweetly upbeat first single from her forthcoming third album)—   "I just thought they needed it, because of bullying," she explains. "I hope it inspires them to be who they are." And it was those devotees—well, one tiny admirer in particular—who provided the impetus for Selena's successful Kmart clothing line, Dream Out Loud: "It all started from a little girl saying that she'd picked out an outfit just like mine," Selena says. (The collection, like her own wardrobe, tends toward the boho. "I like flow-y, open clothes, rather than tight-fitting," she says, "although I'm getting a bit more confident in my skin.")

On her movie, Monte Carlo—in which she stars opposite Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy, and Cory Monteith—looks like an ideal stepping stone. There's something decidedly Disney-ish about the mistaken-identity plot, but the look-alike characters whom Selena plays—Cordelia, a spoiled British socialite, and Grace, the good girl who temporarily takes over her glamorous life—are both, technically speaking, grown-ups. It's easy to imagine the film appealing to a slightly older audience, yet Selena does nothing on-screen that would alienate even her youngest followers, whom she affectionately refers to as her "littles." As she explains, "I just wouldn't want to do anything that might make them uncomfortable."

But wait, There's more!..

This month's issues highlights topics such as:

Back-To-School beauty, skin, hair & nail tips!

More on Selena's interview with TEEN VOGUE!

Tips on finding your own personal style!   &

413 HOT fall fashion ideas !

What are you waiting for? Go out and buy your issue of TEEN VOGUE Magazine: September Issue and read on now!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fashionista Spotlight: Rita Ora

Kosovan-born beauty, Rita Ora, is making waves in the music industry as one of Roc Nation's newest artists on the scene. With #1 hits such as the party-starting, "How We Do" and the more edgy, "RIP" featuring fellow Brit artist, Tinie Tempah, Rita is a girl-on-the-move who is sure to turn major heads in the music industry.

Not only is she musically talented, but this rising star is also making major statements in the fashion department too, making her our Fashionista of the day.

 Check out some of my favorite looks below by her and learn how you too can rock some of Rita's edge too!

The first look that she is debuting here is a pretty casual and edgy look. Rita is wearing a graphic tee underneath a studded bright pink, leather jacket paired with leather pants and black Converse sneakers. This look is perfect for any nonchalant street-cruising that you plan on doing if you wish to make a subtle but yet noticeable statement. For a more everyday take on the outfit, keep the bright item amongst your shoes by pairing it with any vivid-colored sneaker along with leather jeggings but keep the bright-colored jacket, and only wear a grey or white tee on the inside.

This next look you'll love if your the type of person who prefers to steer a little further away from wearing colorful clothing all around. This outfit works because it portrays an all round glam and classy look without being too overbearing. Rita does this outfit major justice by keeping this lace satin dress informal by adding the zesty touch in her white sneaker heels. If you wish to portray this look just as well as she does, wear either a black ruffled top paired with a sequined or button-studded, black sequin, high-waisted shorts or with a simple, black-laced sleeved dress. For an everyday look, and if high heels just don't work for you, look for high-top all white sneakers to pair it with, or if you really want to stand out, pair this outfit with neon-colored sneakers for a pop of spice! Side Note: This outfit will look smashing with a pair of pastel-colored hoop or studded earrings (choose colors like pastel blue, pink or purple)

I really like this look because it has a very feminine, 50's-style inspired feel that makes it appropriately flirty. To successfully duplicate this look, look for a floral print knot-tied top and  a sheer red waist, swing skirt. For shoes, pair this outfit with a metallic-colored bow flat or for more edge, a grey wedged bootie.

This next look I like to caption as 'Tomboy-Chic'. Rita is rocking an over-sized graphic sweater dress paired with the same white sneaker heels pictured before and a black and yellow-imprinted beanie and ombre shades. You too can rock this 'Tomboy-Chic' look by looking for a similar graphic sweater dress only pair it differently with graphic or floral print sneakers for a touch of girly. The beanie option is favorable too as it completes and compliments the look very well giving it a tasteful 'skater-chick' accent.

(Want to know a little more about Rita's style and inspiration? Read this excerpt below of an interview she did with

When it comes to her favorite fashion labels, Rita says that, "I wear a lot of things! Some young labels to bring out my tomboy side like Trapstar and Billionaire Boys Club. Then the more sophisticated side, like Helmut Lang and Chanel and Calvin Klein. I love masculine cuts with suits and chunky jewellery. My hair is so glam it balances it out, and it’s comfy! I'm in love with my Christian Louboutin lace-up flats at the moment, too."
On creating her own line, Ora admits that, "I would love to! That would be so much fun, I think any girl would love their own label! We all look in our wardrobe and think 'I wish I had this to wear right now, that would be perfect!'"

For more things Rita, check out her website @
And follow her on twitter @

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

MFQ (Morning Fashion Quote): Karl Lagerfeld

Need a style pick-me-up?—especially when an all out shopping spree isn’t on the menu. Write down this quote, tape it to your closet door and it’ll pretty much guarantee a good day.

"The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration."


— Karl Lagerfeld (German fashion designer, artist and photographer)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

DIY Fashion Craft: Ombre Clothing

Who says that following the hottest fashion trends has to be expensive?
You can indulge your love of fashion without creating a huge void in your wallet with this DIY fashion craft.

Today's fashion trend comes to you courtesy of ,what I believe is this year's most 'have-to-try' trend, of all seasons.
Photo courtesy of;

An ombre shirt is kind of the 'modern' leg up to the well-known Tye-dye shirt.
This trend has even managed to make its way onto the runway in dress form, as seen below.

Here are instructions on how you can become your own ombre-ista and create this fashion 'must-try' now!

What you'll need:
1. A Shirt, any type of shirt as long as the color will stain it properly. Tip: Preferably us a white button down shirt like this one.
2. Scissors(Optional). This is for if you wish to cut the sleeves and the collar of the shirt. 

3. Dye. Any color of your choice. 

4. Hot water.  

5. A plastic basin.

6. A rod (to push your clothes into the water).

Lets get started!

1.Pour the hot water in the basin and mix in the dye color of your choice.

2. Mix the water with the dye, stir it using the rod. 

3.Then dip the shirt quarter of the way, almost nearing the bottom, soak the for two minutes. Then move the shirt up and soak it in a longer period of time. 

4. Your done! (quick wasn't it?). Now attach two pegs to your shirt (Tip: Do this very carefully as to not stain your clothes) and hang it up to dry. Tip: Dry the shirt for a minimum of 5 hours.

There you have it! Now you can go out and rock this trend in the street, at work or at school.

I will be posting my own version of this really soon, so stay tuned for that!