Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Beauty Secrets: Green Tea For Your Face

When was the last time you enjoyed a warm, refreshing cup of green tea?
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GB6wuL9svUo/UEa-QxV75iI/AAAAAAAAAmM/OIBIJJ2Z0MA/s1600/green-tea+(1).jpgIt was probably yesterday! See, green tea is ridiculously rich in antioxidants and comes highly recommended as a natural-body detox-er. But did you have any idea that it can be used for even better things such as treating acne? I bet you didn't, which is why I am going to tell you some of the magical ways that you can use green tea in order to achieve that flawless face of yours today!

Green Tea Daily Face Wash

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The next time that you pour yourself a cup of green tea, instead of throwing away the tea bag, keep it. Take a pair of clean scissors and cut along the top of the sachet, exposing the contents.
Now grab your usual daily face wash (like Clearasil) and in a small bowl or the cusps of your hand, mix it together with the green tea leaves from the tea bag and massage softly into your face in circular motions like you would normally when washing your face. Let the mixture sit for 1-2 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

After having discovered this face wash mixture, I have become a religious practitioner of this method and I swear by it every night before going to sleep. Do this routinely, every morning (and occasionally every night) and you will start to notice more toned, soft, flawless and glowing skin in a matter of only a couple days. This mixture is spectacular because the agents in the green tea prevent acne, resulting in a great, natural, all-round skin treatment for your face. I promise you, it will not disappoint. 

Green Tea Bag 2-Minute Facial

Going out? Want to look fresh-faced but you don't have time for a full on facial? Try this:
Take a tea bag and run it over hot water, allowing for it to become steamy. Squeeze a small amount of water out of the tea bag and rub the tea bag all over your face for 2 minutes until the tea bag has cooled off.

There you have it! Fresh-faced in 2 minutes!

Try any of these great and unique ways to enhance and improve your skin with green tea and see your skin condition improve in a matter of days!
 "Flawless skin here I come!"..

I'd love to know how this works out for you all, so let me know in the comments below!