Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fashionably Rockin' Item Of The Week: Flower Power Pants!


Every week, I will post that week's Clothing Item Of The Week. This will be a post describing/reviewing a certain item that I find rather interesting from a certain fashion outlet which I will share with you all describing it and some rockin' ways that you can sport this item! 

This week's item to die for is a floral print pant from ModCloth.

Spring is now in full swing and fashionistas everywhere are starting add a 'flower power' touch to their daily outfits.
ModCloth is known for their cute, retro clothing pieces and this week's selection falls nothing short of fabulous! I like this piece especially because I believe that it really captures and embodies the true fashion essence of spring.

Check out how to pair this floral piece perfectly below!

What to pair this with?

In order to keep this bold-imprinted piece the main attraction, keep the rest of your outfit plain and classy by pairing it with a white, cutout blouse and pastel-colored wedges.  

Let me know what you think of this flirty, floral piece! 
Stay tuned next week for that week's Fashionably Rockin' Item Of The Week!


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