Friday, 12 April 2013

Look Beautiful On The Go!: Mini Beauty Products

Being a fabulous fashionista is no easy job, and on the days that we find ourselves overwhelmed by a packed schedule, our beauty routine should not have to also suffer.

Read on for a quick and easy beauty trick that is sure to make you go from drab to fab in a matter of seconds!

Makeup Mini-Me's!

What happens when your favorite beauty product produces an equally glamorous offspring? Mini beauty products is what.

Besides being so cute, mini beauty products do serve an actual purpose. Due to their miniscule size, they are easy to fit in your pocket or purse for any girl on the go.

Carrying regular-sized beauty products can be a hassle, and truth be told- they take up way too much space in your bag. 

Why are mini beauty products so awesome?
Mini beauty products allow us to carry around our favorite beauty products while they serve their purpose. How great!

Here are some basic beauty mini essentials to make sure to always have in your purse.

Mini Lip Gloss 

Clinique has come out with a great line of double-ended mini lip glosses. Can somebody say double whammy ? These purse-friendly lip glosses add just the right amount of shine for a freshly plump lip effect. Pssst!: These babies are super durable. Not only does one application stay on for hours but one tube can last you up to a month!

Mini Mascara
I believe that mini mascara is better than its regular sized counterpart. Being smaller, a lighter coat of mascara is applied thus giving off a more fresh-faced look compared to regular mascara that piles on to your lashes evoking a less than pleasant 'caked on' effect. Bare Minerals has an amazing line of volumizing mascara minis.

Mini Eyeliner
Just as it was with mini mascara, mini eyeliner tend to allow for a more lenient, lighter and more even application to your eye due to its small compactness. Bare Minerals has once again managed to produce a chic alternative for eyeliner on the go. Next time you need to re-vamp your dull eyeliner, make it stand out with this one.

Mini Hair Serum 
Most hair companies usually have a smaller version to almost all of your regular hair products such as hairspray and spritzer so finding a compact bottle of your favorite hair serum should be easy. If your hair is starting to loose its vibe throughout the course of the day, pump some hair serum onto your palms, rub your hands together and gently glide the serum onto your hair strands working your way from the bottom to the top. You need not worry about having the 'over greased' look to your hair because the difference between hair oil and hair serum is that most hair serums generally generate more shine while hair oil generates that typical greasy hair look. Garnier Fructis has a great strengthening serum that boosts a healthy, fresh shine to your bare, lack-luster hair.

Pssst!: Most mini beauty products that are sold in department stores come with a convenient key chain allowing you to now clip on your products to your pockets or purse. How neat!

Let me know what you think of these convenient, everyday beauty products and which ones are in your purse!

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