Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tasty Tuesday's: French Gelato

In this blog, I enjoy displaying new and different concepts, ideas and places with the readers and with a blog title like 'Chocolate Cashmere Closet', it would be a crime if I did not share some of food's finest venues.

For Tasty Tuesday's, I will be giving a quick review of a particular restaurant or quick stop food place and why I think its unique and why you too should make a stop there!

Who said that the french couldn't make good gelato?

This quaint little gelato ice cream store is located in a quite street in the 5e arrondisement of Paris.

You've got the ice cream bug- but you don't want to pig out on any old, greasy ice cream, and you're looking to enjoy a deliciously evil gelato for those nonchalant street cruisin' trips? Look no further, for little Italy has presented itself in Paris.

Gelati D'alberto has a wide range of flavors to chose from. From mojito to caramel beure (butter caramel). To passion fruit and chocolate nuts. Just about anybody with a sweet tooth can ravish in these creamy delights!

One thing that makes this ice cream store stand out from the others is the presentation of their ice cream. Their ice cream is presented to you in a stunning flower petal ensemble that makes you want to just stare at your ice cream -rather than eating it!

Be sure to be greeted with a warm and friendly smile and a 'Bonne d├ęgustation', (Happy tasting), upon receiving your gelato.

Gelati D'alberto is located on 45 rue Mouffetard and is open from 12 o'clock to midnight! (great for those late night cravings). Metro: Place Monge.

Stay tuned for more tasty treats next time!

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