Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring Trend Report: Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Ah, What better way to re-live our fondest childhood memories.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse. The Bonnie and Clyde of Disney. Like peanut butter to jelly, Mickey is lost without his Minnie.

This inseparable Disney coupling have become the new and fun trend to try of the current spring season.

Both have without a doubt become fashion icons in their own respects. While Mickey led the path for all high-pants-wearing charming gentlemen, Minnie paved the way for making polka dots and over-sized bows charismatic fashion statements.

What with playful colors and patterns and child-like, cheeky connotations, the Mickey & Minnie fashion theme seems to be suited for anyone of any age.

Check out this trend below for fashion inspiration and imagination.

Let your inner child roam free..

The trend has even made its mark on the runway!

Marc Jacobs

Photos from the Spring 2013 collection of Gerlan Jeans.

 Even some of your fave celebs can't seem to escape this lovable trend!

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