Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On-The-Go Beauty Tips & Tricks: Glossy Hair

Who doesn't want Red carpet ready, glossy hair?
-I know I do!

Looking fabulous 24/7 is a tedious task, and because most of us are 'busy' fashionistas with little time, I have conjured up a series of lovely beauty tips & tricks to keep you looking great and glamorous on the go!

Check it out below!

Glossy Hair:

One of these 3 hair products is all that you need for your glam, on-the-go hair. Each one of these highly recommended products leave your hair shiny and keeps it glossy for longer!  The best way to achieve this effortless look is to tip your head upside down, spray the mist all over your hair from the nape to tips and rub your hands through your hair all the way to the tips (like you would when you rinse shampoo out your hair) and flip your head back. There you have it! Easy, breezy, glam hair in seconds!

Stick around for more on-the-go beauty tips and tricks that you're sure to love!

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