Monday, 3 June 2013

Beauty De-coded: Cream Blush

Cream blush is the leg up to our common cheek powder or eyeshadow by combining both of those face products into one.

Cream blush is great for an everyday, on the go glam look. It is a better option than powder blush because the color composition of cream blush naturally adapts and blends in with your skin complexion and looking for the right tone of cream blush is way simpler than looking for a powder blush. It is lightweight which gives off a more 'natural' look as opposed to the well avoided 'caked on' appearance which is always a good thing! Hollywood stars from Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé swear by it because it finishes off their entire glam look as it gives off beautiful, radiant glow to their faces.

If you have always wanted to cross over into cream blush but have trouble picking out the right kind and what is just right for you then keep on reading for a personal guide on picking out the right cream blush.

Cream Blush for Fair Skin

If you have a fair skin complexion a-la Emma Stone or Anne Hathaway, it is understandable that finding a cream blush that doesn't make you look like a clown is a rather difficult task. When you have fair skin, you want to look for a cream blush that has apricot or peach tones as this naturally brings out your beige undertones for a soft, clean and fresh-faced look.

Cream Blush for Beige Skin

If you have a slightly more tanned complexion that is still a bit fair like Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba, an amber cream blush is the way to go as it highlights your golden pink undertones for an all round radiant look.

Cream Blush for Tan Skin

For those of you who have already been blessed with a perfectly sun-kissed glow like Alicia Keys or Mya, you want to make sure that you keep it light on the cream blush. A rose colored or rose tinted cream blush never fails as it brings attention towards the center of your cheeks and highlights that beautiful smile of yours to seem more inviting.

Cream Blush for Dark Skin

Because dark skin complexions come in a vast array of shades, one cream blush color that will never fail your dark skin is almond and tangerine. These colors highlight your red undertones and give off a carefully polished radiant sweep to your cheeks! Make sure you look for a color like reflects the natural tone of your skin for a positive glow!

Let me know what you think of cream blush and if this guide has helped you find your perfect shade!

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