Sunday, 23 June 2013

Style Report: Coral

Summer is in full bloom!

Bring out your short shorts, shades and crop tops because our long awaited summer has touched down amongst us.

One of my absolute favorite colors for summer is without a doubt coral. Its fresh and vibrant essence exudes a natural yet contemporary look and makes for a laid back summer style.

In this post, I am going to be showing you how to rock this color in more ways than one by introducing it into your style and make-up!

Keep reading for some coral fun!

I was inspired by this picture (taken of a vitrine outside of Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussman) to bring you a mix between coral and lace fashion and beauty inspiration!

Let's go swimming in the Reef..
For your coral-inspired outfit, keep the essentials and keep it classy by pairing your lace print coral dress with a darker toned wedge and a lighter hue lace purse. Now you're good to go!

Want to know how to rock this style for your make-up? Check out how to below!

For a charming coral make-up look, keep the darker hues on your lips while you add the pop of color to your eyes and cheeks. Keep the coral make-up piece in 2 areas on your face at a time (eyes+lipstick for example) for an all-round clean look. Keep in mind to make your make-up complement each other by pairing your coral lip with a very dim eye or cheek.

Let me know what you think of this under-the-sea inspired color and how you plan on making your summer ensemble 'coral themed'!

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