Monday, 11 February 2013

Winter Essentials: The Military Coat

Some of us are finding it hard to stay elegant and stylish during the Winter and with the weather starting to become more and more frisky and unpredictable, we all need a coat to shield us from these harsh conditions. But not just any coat.

A military coat has been making its way as a major fashion staple this Fall/Winter season and it is something that every girl should own as it is not only comfortable, but very trendy as well, so it looks great with a variety of things.

The earthy tones of the military jacket make for a very edgy, yet cool addition to your ensemble allowing you to pull off that effortless grunge appeal.

Look below for some ways to rock your military jacket this season along with some cool pieces to match!

Outfit Idea #1

This classic military coat ensemble is typical rocker-chic. Rock your coat with light-wash blue jeans and black, studded biker boots or black, studded wedges and your good to go! For accessories add a charming, charm bracelet for extra razzle-dazzle!

Outfit Idea #2 

For this ensemble we are cheating the myth -that yellow is only for Spring and Summer- by piecing it together with this ensemble to create fashion bliss! Pair your military coat with a yellow (or mustard yellow, if you prefer) jean and grey wedges. All you need for accessories to make this outfit totally killer is a graphic scarf to add extra edge. There you have it, an edgy, while all at the same time, fun ensemble!

Outfit Idea #3

I am pretty much obsessed with this ensemble! The contrast between the earthy-hued coat and the intricately-patterned graphic leggings make for fashion perfection! Pair your military coat with a graphic legging and allow a couple gold and silver bracelets to serve as accessories and pick a tan or grey boot (wedged or heeled) and you are good to go! This outfit makes me want to go out and do some nonchalant street-cruisin' on the streets of Paris or Soho. That is how worldly it is. With this ensemble, you are bound to make a fashion statement.

Fashion Tip: Shopping for the perfect military coat? The best ones are usually found in vintage thrift stores. So look there, as you are sure to find one that is stylish yet cheap all at the same time! Win-Win situation, right?

So will you be rocking this trend? Your response should be, (in true military fashion) "Sir, yes, sir!" 

Let me know what you think of this trend in the comments below!

The military coat used in this article can be found on Rag & Bone's website here

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