Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How To Look Stylish When Traveling: OOTD, Tips & Tricks and More!

I am going to the Big Apple!

That's right, from one fashion capital to the next, this fashionista is about to take on the city that never sleeps- New York!

Traveling for extended periods of time and looking stylish and elegant all at once seems to be a difficult and sometimes impossible task for many, but I am here to deliver the tips, tricks and secrets to traveling in style. From a 1 hour flight to a 12 hour flight, I've got just what you need to flying and arriving gorgeous. Seems UN-doable? Well, just keep on reading then!

Stylish flying attire requires you to look good all while still being in comfort. For my OOTD, today I have decided to pair my ensemble with some cool, yet useful accessories. Check it out below!

Tribal Racer back Shirt: Primark
Black Jeans:H&M
Sunglasses: H&M
Neon Yellow Earrings: Vintage
Leopard-Print Loafers: H&M
Neon Yellow Clutch: Trafaluc.

Now that summer has hit in full force, traveling in the heat is quite the tedious task so for my top, I kept it light and designed with a tribal print racer back tank paired with slim fitting jean pants and a black braided belt with a gold clutch. I wanted to spice it up with my accessories so I opted for leopard print loafers (comfortable and stylish), matching neon yellow clutch and earrings and beige, floral print sunglasses.

Tips & Tricks: The trick here is to keep what you carry light. Like the clutch for example, instead of opting for a large, bothersome bag, keep your essentials such as your passport, boarding pass and other small items in this convenient clutch!

I will be in New York for 2 weeks so stay tuned for a lot of blog posts on an incredibly large array of subjects. I will be taking you all from the high class designer stores on 5th Ave (which is where I am staying by the way) to the quirky vintage stores of Brooklyn. You surely do not want to miss a second, so stay tuned!

Let me know what you think of my outfit and what you wear when you travel!

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