Thursday, 9 April 2015

New York Street Style: Sporty & Thrifty

Today's New York fashionista comes courtesy of artist, Janessa Gaddy. 

Janessa is a musician, vocalist and songwriter based in Norwalk, Connecticut. 
"I am an operatically trained vocalist and have been singing and writing all of my life." 

As the lead singer of the band, Control+V, Janessa says of her collective, 
"I am working on a short album of lullabies at the moment and have a few side projects including my band, Control+V". 

On her solo musical plans, she says, 
"I am focusing more these days on my solo project called V XO. The music ranges from ambient to experimental electronic, with jazz influences".

Much like her creative musical influences, Janessa says of this look,
"I kind of put this together this morning as I was rushing out of the house, but as far as my personal style goes, I really like abstract, graphic prints and thrift clothes!"

Be sure to check out music band, Control+V here and Janessa's solo musical project here!

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