Friday, 24 April 2015

Designer Spotlight: Midget Giraffe

Having effortless style as an individual is great, but when you pair that same amazing style with another, it's hard not to take notice of such dazzling eloquence.

Corey Harris and Linda Omeni are the owners of the aesthetically gorgeous fashion clothing line, Midget Giraffe. Corey, a New Jersey native, partnered up with Linda, who is originally from Nigeria, to forge the Midget Giraffe clothing brand that was inspired by, "Meshing prints and patterns from the East with tailored styles from the West."

The brand provides an array of eye-catching, unisex pieces that wearers can choose to rock day or night. The couple speaks on their reason for starting the brand saying, "We've both always really enjoyed fashion, style and all of the visual aesthetics they encompass. Fashion inspires us to live freely and allows us to tap into  the rebellious sides of our personalities by breaking the rules and pushing the envelope of what’s considered cool." The brand's clothing incorporates a lot of the bold Ankara fabric, native to Western African countries.

Be sure to snag these one-of-a-kind standout pieces available for purchase at the Midget Giraffe website here.

Check out these standout shots that I snapped of the pair below!

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