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How To Match Moisutrizer To Your Skin Type: Collaboration With The Home Shopping Network

Spring is upon us! And our skin can finally breathe.

This transitioning period is crucial time as we look to restore moisture back to our faces after the effects of the bitter cold and prepare for the incoming season.

I was contacted by The Home Shopping Network, a great platform that provides quality products to the public, for a collaboration article on finding the right moisturizer for your fitting skin type.

Read on below for expert tips on from Lara Ramos from the HSN and myself on how to find your true match moisturizer.

Not sure if your existing moisturizer is the right one? It’s simple! Apply your moisturizer fresh out of the shower and let it sink in completely. Before you apply makeup, run your fingers (or even press a tissue) lightly over your face. If there is any residue or grease, your moisturizer is too heavy. Your skin should feel soft, smooth, and mostly matte if you’re using the correct balance of moisture in your daily skincare routine.

If you find that your current moisturizer just isn’t cutting it, here are a few tips on how to find the best one for your skin type.

If your skin is oily:
Lara Ramos: Opt for something oil-free and look for the words “non comedogenic” which means that it won’t clog your pores. I prefer water-based moisturizers and a gel or lotion texture. These feel extra light and refreshing, yet still hydrating.

My Tip: A CC cream is also great for coverage as it applies smoothly onto your skin and doesn't leave it skin feeling 'heavy'.

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If your skin is dry:
Lara Ramos: Look for a thick cream that works to moisturize skin more intensely and I have found the effects to be more long-lasting than a water-based moisturizers. My skin tends to get very dry in the winter months and so I make sure to add a night cream (without SPF) or a hydrating overnight facial mask to my routine as well to keep things hydrated 24-7.

My Tip: 'Aqua-based' products are key when looking for a moisturizer that fully restore moisture to your dry skin. Avoid drying agents in products such as acids and sulphates as these leave your skin itchy and even drier.

If your skin is sensitive:
Lara Ramos: Look for things that are dye and fragrance-free. I also love the addition of aloe in a facial moisturizer, which feels soothing. Sensitive skins should also be extra careful to conduct a patch test to look for adverse reactions.

My Tip: A great skin care lines with moisturizers that tend to sensitive skin is the Simple skincare line. It's positive reputation is upholstered due to the no-dye, no-color, no-perfume agents in their moisturizers that care to even the most sensitive of skin types.

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If you are looking to fight wrinkles:
Lara Ramos: Look for something that includes SPF. Protecting your skin daily from the sun’s rays leading to a much healthier appearance. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

My Tip: Keep your skin looking youthful by buying moisturizers with wrinkle-reducing agents such as Retinol, Vitamin C, tea and grape seed extracts in their formulas.

Lara Ramos: As a final rule of thumb, I am a firm believer in always testing new formulas on the back of my hand before I spread them all over my face. I can tell a lot by how quickly a moisturizer sinks in and how it feels on my skin. I look for that soft, smooth, matte feeling – and it almost never steers me wrong.

My Tip: Testing your moisturizer by checking the state of you skin after removing the moisturizer and washing your face with your routine face wash. If you notice redness, itchiness or any significant bumps, the moisturizer is most probably not for your skin type. Improvements such as suppleness and smoothness is a proven sign that the moisturizer working.

Let me know what you think of these tips and click here to go the Home Shopping Networks website for more!

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