Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year! New Adventures!

Hey CCC Bloggers!

I would just like to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year and I wish to share with you what is in store for this blog this upcoming year.

With the commencement of my blog, I never expected for it to gain the success it has acquired thus far, starting from end of August to now, with almost 1700 page views, I am eternally grateful for all the support that I have recieved.

And with the positive feedback that I have been gaining, this year I am taking this blog to new heights!

This year, you can expect:

New posts on broader aspects such as travel, cinema, music, food and more lifestyle trends. The main focus will still and always be fashion, but here and there, upon request, I will be posting a few posts on some things that interest you all.

Pictures! Now that I have obtained the proper resources necessary, I will now be able to show you original visuals regarding my blog posts, making the blogging experience that much better for me and you all! And now you will all be able to see how I am interacting with my surroundings in Paris.

I will be adding video vlogs now to this channel so now I will be able to dictate and share my blog posts with you in video form!

Interviews! I will be conducting written and video interviews with influential people who are making their mark in their fields of expertise, be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle.

Do stick around for the ride will you? because I guarantee you it will be one you do not want to miss!..

 From this heart, to yours…xxx

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