Thursday, 24 January 2013

Designer Spotlight: Chloé Spring Collection

The French, leading fashion brand, Chloé which has been around since 1952, boasts a sincere appeal to the modern 'girly-girls' of our generation. The brand is feminine, oozing a certain dreamy appeal that is fine and delicate and is what every contemporary 21st century lady wishes to rock. Chloé is a brand that speaks to every 'it-girl' out there who wishes to make a bold, but soft statement with her outfit and clothing.

This year's Spring collection struck me due to its color scheme. The main colors that were used for this line (with the exception of a few bold pieces) are an array of pastel colors such as beige's, lavenders, lilacs and baby blues. This array of colors screams just the right tone for Spring as it is a time of year where the weather is getting warmer and fresher and we all look forward to sporting some very casual, light, airy pieces while still feeling comfortable and looking stylish and dainty.

Check out Chloés Spring Collection below!...

Here are some of the gorgeous editorials from the look book.

 Here are some of the snapshots from the runway show at Paris Fashion Week.

All photos credited to Chloé©

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