Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Welcome to CCC !

Hey CCC bloggers! (As you are now all officially known)

My name is Ndey,

I am 15 and currently living in Paris, France.

Having traveled the world, I started this blog because it is my own personal way of sharing all of my cultural knowledge that I have acquired in Fashion, Beauty, Food and Music in a story-book-esque way that is blogging!

I chose the name Chocolate Cashmere Closet because of its quirky and uniqueness. The blog has really nothing to do with chocolate, cashmere nor closets. But the 'closet' aspect resonated because it represents the 'collection' of matter that I will be displaying on the blog kind of like a closet does. Just like 'cashmere' relates to fashion and 'chocolate' to food and indulgence. So because of the uniqueness of the name, it allows me to blog about such an array of different things.

The main focus is FASHION, and all of its aspects, but I’ll also be blogging about trends, art, street style, music, global designers, beauty tips, product hauls and etc. including my personal style journals as well.

Stay tuned for more posts that are sure to tickle your creative membranes and check back often because besides… Doesn’t the story of a teen fashionista blogger living in Paris sound a little thrilling and inquisitive to you? It sure does to me!

From this heart, to yours…xxx

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