Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Get Back-To-School Savvy!

 Now that we have all waved our goodbyes to Summer and said 'adios!' to the very notion of late nights, The time has come to start thinking about how we're going to survive the upcoming school year. (clothes wise!)

What with endless possibilities of outfits and school accessories to choose from, it can be easy to get a little bewildered. But look no further!
I will be posting a series of ALL essential back-to-school know-its and have-its so you may rock your year in vogue!

We'll start with some back-to-school basics.

A casual blazer; Preferably a neutral colored blazer, this works great for a polished, put together school look . Tip: In any season, looks great paired with either pastel or brighter colored clothes underneath.

Skinny jeans; You'll want to look for a light-wash skinny jean especially, because

light wash denim  looks particularly flattering on all body shapes, compared to dark wash denim with tends to 'dim' out your leg shape and hide your figure. 

Tip: Instead of pairing your skinnies with the usual boring flats, switch it up with a wedged bootie instead (giving your look a more edgy feel) Such as these ones >

Tribal/Floral skirt; You have two available options to choose from; Body con or pleated. These are the new flirty alternative to your day-to-day jeans. Tip: Pair any of these with a very basic v-neck tee tucked into the skirt or pair it with a neutral-colored fleece top for a girly, yet edgy vibe.

Denim/Detailed backpack; Denim isn't just for your jeans anymore! What I like about this trend is that its taking our common idea of the usual, drab unattractive backpack that you wish to hide, to something you cant wait to make a statement with! Tip:You can add your own little, personal touch to your backpack by stitching in some fancy lettering, images or stamps of interesting items in areas such as the pockets of your backpack.

Printed scarves; You can go wild with the array of different designs to choose from when it comes to scarves! Tip: No matter what the design may be (geometric, floral, graphic), printed scarves pair especially great with a black, white or grey tee, as this makes a much bolder statement.Than when paired with a matching, detailed top, for example.

Pastel/Gold/Silver Oxford shoes; Oxford shoes are a school-wardrobe essential because of the very collegiate-style look that it sports. These preppy shoes not only look smart, but they are super comfortable and easy to slip on too. Tip: For the 'shimmery' alternative, pair these with a dark wash denim skinny jean so that your 
shoes will be the main focus of your outfit.

Try these back-to-school  ideas to amp up and add a little "jene sais qoi" feel to your school wardrobe this year!

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