Monday, 4 August 2014

DIY Fashion: Ombré Shorts

Who says that following the hottest fashion trends has to be expensive?

You can indulge your love of fashion without creating a huge void in your wallet with this DIY fashion craft.
Find out below how you can make your very own, personalized tie-dye shorts that you will not want to part with this summer.
With Summer coming to a close, make use of what's left of it with this creative, fun ombré design. Find out how to below!

What You Will Need:
1) A Pair of Denim Jeans
2) Scissors
3) Household Bleach
4) Empty Spray Bottle
5) Tweezers (Optional)
6) Plastic Bags
7) Ruler (Optional)
1) Try your jeans on to determine your preferred length.
2) Lay your jeans flat on the floor. No creases.
3) From your determined length, cut an approximate 30 degree angle cut on one leg of the jeans from the inside of the jeans towards the outside. (Optional: You can use a ruler to draw a straight line on the jeans to use as a cutting guideline)
4) Once you have made your cut, flip the leg over onto the other leg of the jean for an identical cut.
5) Distress the jeans by running the blade of your scissors on the hem of the jeans and pluck the material with tweezers for an extra distressed look. (Optional: Cut slits near the pockets and distress the same way)
6) Fill a spray bottle with bleach.
7) Lay the shorts out onto the plastic bags for protection.
8) Spray genorous amounts of bleach onto the bottom half of the shorts.
9) Let the shorts dry over night. Once completely dry, wash shorts with cold water.

Let me know if you'll be trying out this fun, Summer design below!

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