Sunday, 27 April 2014

DIY: Magazine Holder

As part of a new DIY series, I will be giving you all an insider's look into how to create some of the most easy, creative Do It Yourself projects to better style your space in quick and easy steps. Be it for your home or office, you are sure to find something worth the try.

If you're an avid fashion magazine reader like myself and you have plenty upon plenty of fashion magazine's lying around with nowhere to put them then this DIY is perfect for you.

With a simple cereal box and some design paper, you can create the perfect and accessible for all of your favorite fashion reads. Find out how to below!

What You Will Need:
1. Cereal Box
2. Scissors
3. Wrapping Paper (Preferred Design)
4. Paper Glue
5. Magazines

Let's Get Started!
Step 1:
Once you have cut it both sides, it will look like so:

Step 2:

Step 3:

 There you have it! Your magazine holder is now ready to keep all of your fave magazines. Prop your new, stylish magazine holder on your desk, bookshelf or work space.

Will you be trying ou this DIY Project? If so let me know in the comment section and be sure to stay tuned for more DIY projects!

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