Sunday, 16 February 2014

Quick Beauty Fix Trick: Flawless Face Finish

Keep your foundation in check.

On-the-go and need to upkeep that flawless foundation that took you forever to perfect?

Meet your new best friend: Loose setting powder.

Dab this baby on over your foundation with a soft, cotton powder pad over your nose, cheekbones and forehead primarily for an untouched, flawless finish.

A powder from Laura Mercier (I have this one) goes perfectly with just about any foundation and concealer combination.

Loose setting powder is so multi wonderful as not only does it set your foundation and makeup in place it adds a just wright matte finish to your entire look.

It is all about finding the right balance between the foundation and the powder and not over doing either. Only applying the powder to select areas as apposed to your entire face to avoid the 'ghost look'.

Go ahead and try it out!

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