Monday, 10 September 2012

DIY Fashion Craft: Braided Hairband

I came across this really quirky idea for a DIY Fashion Craft ,while scrolling through iVillage, for a girly headband.

What you'll need:
A hair elastic
About 11 inches of leather (depending on you)
About 11 inches of rope (depending on you)
About 11 inches of ball chain

Tip: For each section of different rope, preferably choose different colors for each one for them to complement each other well.

Check it out below. Its fun, easy and super quick to make!

What makes this idea so elegant and posh is that once you make the hairband, it can be easily mistaken for a professionally done headband, which is great, because its not.

Now go out and rock this headband, which is oh-so perfect worn singly or in pairs for school, at the office or for those cheeky after hour drinks.

I'll be posting my version of this very soon, so stay tuned!

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